Genealogical Hints


If you don't find the village you are looking for in the list of the villages try the list of the 'Wohnplätze' which includes also the smaller places.

The easiest way to locate records is to follow the links to the parish or the civil records office from the list of the villages.
If you know the village of origin of your ancestor and you search records older than 1874 visit:
Verzeichnis der evangelischen Kirchspiele im Kreis Schlawe
and  use search with your browser to learn to which parish this village belonged. If you found out this name, you may search at the LDS pages to find out whether records have been filmed.
Verzeichnis der von der LDS verfilmten Unterlagen aus dem Kreis Schlawe
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In case you found records and they are not filmed you need to send your inquiry via snail mail to the archive which keeps the records.

In 1874 in Prussia and in Pomerania civil registration started. In lucky cases you may find two kind of records: civil records
Verzeichnis der Standesamtbezirke im Kreis Schlawe im Jahre 1937
use the search with your browser to find out where civil records have been kept of your village.
With the name of this village you could check out whether LDS has filmed records. 
Maybe also parish records exist, so don't forget to proceed the parish search as showed above.

If your records have not been filmed, you should write a letter to the archive.

If you are looking for records younger than 100 years and they still exist, those records are kept in the local town offices.

I would suggest to sent such inquiries in Polish. Try to use the help of the genealogy net translation team.

Good luck!


You can try also to search my pages  with the name of the villages.



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